The 8th lecture series on the promotion of solder lamp shopping guide skills

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
Many shopping guides often introduce to me. After customers enter the store, they feel very good about our solder lamp products and ourselves. Most of the time, we can see that customers obviously accepted the suggestion of the solder lamp we matched for them, but in the end they did not buy our solder lamp and left in a hurry like encountering plague, never look back. After repeated observations on the actual shopping guide behavior of the solder lamp guide, we found that the crux of the problem lies in the solder lamp guide itself. Because they often facilitate the customer's transaction at the last moment of the transaction: 1. The matching advice we gave you is perfect for you, what else to discuss? 2. It is really suitable for you, so don't think about it. 3 ,. . . . . . Speechless, start packing. 4. Well, you are welcome to discuss it and come back. As everyone knows, these words are not able to withstand the scrutiny. According to the fixed thinking habits of the Chinese people, we treat the guests with such an attitude, or it is difficult to be strong. Or give up the business to others. Or give the guests a snobbish feeling. If we change our way of thinking and promote the transaction from a positive and customer-oriented perspective, the effect will definitely be different. Example: 1. Shopping guide: Yes, I can understand if you want to have a look more. After all, buying a set of such solder lamp products is also thousands of dollars. I must discuss it with my family, I won't regret buying it like this, okay? You are sitting for a while, I will introduce a few more solder lamp products to you, you can compare more, so that it will be more comprehensive ( Always leave the guests in the store, your chances of closing are far greater than pushing the guests to the opponent and coming back) 2, shopping guide: Sir, this set of solder lights is very good, regardless of style design or environmental performance, etc. , are very consistent with your home decoration style, I can feel that you like it. But you said that you want to think about it. Of course, you have this kind of idea, I can understand, just be careful that you have a place where the explanation is not in place, so imagine you ask, what you are mainly considering now is. . . ? ( Smile at the customer and pause to guide the customer to express their concerns)Sir,. . . . In addition, is there any other reason why you cannot make a decision? ( After guiding the other party to say all the concerns and selectively deal with them, the customer should be guided to make a deal immediately) , Sir, do I have a clear explanation of your concern? ( As long as the customer explains, nod, silence, etc. immediately recommend to buy)Well, your delivery address is. . . . ? ( If the customer still says that he wants to discuss or consider with his family, then import the next step) 3. Shopping guide: Sir, if you want to think about it again, I can understand. However, what I want to tell you is that this set of solder lamp products is very suitable for your situation, and it is very cost-effective to buy it now. Look at its style. . . Its material. . . . And work. . . . . And this set of products is now only one set, waiting for the next delivery to wait until two months later. Is this good? I will book it for you now, I really hope you don't miss this set of lamps, because this set of products is very suitable for your home layout! ( Moderate pressure and helping customers to make decisions can improve the performance of the store, and 70% of the returning customers will have the purchase behavior. )
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