Tell you the three elements of the bedroom full copper lamp layout

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
The bedroom is a place for people to rest and sleep, so if you want to have a good sleeping environment, you have to arrange the bedroom lamps reasonably. The following snooker House tells you the three elements of the bedroom full copper lamp arrangement. 1. The all-copper desk lamp is one of the essential lamps for bedroom lighting. It is best to put it in the place where the bedside of the bedroom can reach, so that the bedroom owner can read on the bed; If it is a double bed, it is advisable to put a full copper desk lamp on both sides of the bedroom bed to meet the different requirements of the two, but also can not hinder each other's rest. Second, the switches of various all-copper lamps in the bedroom should be collected and installed in places that can be reached when the bedroom enters the door, so that people can turn on the lamps they want to use in the shortest possible time. In addition, a set of switches should be arranged near the bedroom bed so that people who like to sleep on the bed to read and watch TV do not have to get up and turn off the lights before falling asleep. Third, the bedroom dressing table lights, it is best to use natural light, should use bright lights at night, you can choose some style matching copper mirror headlights, but do not put the lights on the top of the dressing table, otherwise, there will be shadows on the face, which will affect the dressing. It should be installed at both ends of the bedroom dressing table. The light should be even, so that it is more realistic.
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