Tell you the purchase skills of European wall lamps in different spaces of the hotel

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
European wall lamps are widely used, mainly for balconies, stairs, corridors, aisles and bedrooms. They are common lamps in hotels and are generally used for auxiliary lighting and decoration. Correct purchasing skills are very important. It can help you choose a more satisfactory European wall lamp. When purchasing a European wall lamp, you must consider the space it uses, and there are different purchasing skills when installing it in different spaces. The following is a guide to the purchase of European wall lamps in different spaces of the hotel. First, the European-style wall lamp installed in the restaurant of the restaurant should be made of glass, plastic or metal lampshade with smooth appearance, which is convenient to scrub at any time, however, it is not suitable to use woven and Yarn fabric lampshades or lampshades with complicated shapes and pendants. The light source should use yellow fluorescent lamp or incandescent lamp, and the light is mainly warm and warm. Second, the European wall lamp in the bedroom should be dominated by soft light and warm colors. Wall lamps should be made of diffuse material with low surface brightness. The wall above the head of a bed should be equipped with a brown carved glass wall lamp, which has the flavor of simplicity, elegance and depth. Third, the bathroom, the European wall lamp in the bathroom should use bright and soft light to evenly illuminate the entire bathroom. For a smaller bathroom, only one ceiling lamp is enough; For bathrooms with larger area, the luminous ceiling diffuse lighting or the lighting method of ceiling lamp and wall lamp can be adopted. However, it should be noted that this wall lamp should have moisture-proof performance. After meeting the basic functions, the wall lamp has become a decoration and an indispensable decoration for the hotel through its unique and varied appearance.
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