Tell you how to install the bathroom mirror headlights?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-04
It is often seen that customers will choose the mirror headlights to be installed on the mirror on the washstand of the bathroom for dressing and lighting, which is convenient for grooming. Many people will think it looks very simple, but in fact it is not so easy to install it. The following snooker Mercure tells everyone about the installation steps of the mirror headlights in the bathroom. 1. First compare the hanging plate of the bathroom mirror lamp on the wall, use the level ruler to do the level test, then use the marker pen to draw the hole position of the hole, then remove the hanging plate, and then use the electric drill to mark the hole. Hole on the hole, install the embedded parts, and then fix the hanging plate on the wall with screws. 2. Connect the power cord reserved in the middle of the hanging board with the Mirror front lamp of the toilet, and then wrap the interface with insulating tape. ( Note that the power supply should be checked again before wiring). 3. Align the lamp body with the screw hole on the hanging plate ( Finally, there are two people working together, so that one person does not move after the screw hole, wait for the step). 4. Then the other person uses a screwdriver to screw the screw through the alignment screw hole and tighten the lamp body to completely fix it on the hanging plate.
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