Tell you how to buy all-copper restaurant chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
In home life, restaurants are one of the important places for our indoor activities. We will finish all three meals a day here. Its lighting arrangement will directly affect the appetite of family members and the atmosphere of conversation. As far as the all-copper chandelier is concerned, it is first required that the decoration atmosphere of the restaurant must be combined with the all-copper chandelier to achieve the ideal performance effect. When designing all-copper chandeliers, the designers of snooker and Mercure found that the focus of lighting decoration in family restaurants was often on the dining table after repeated investigations. At the same time, it combines the technological characteristics of the all-copper chandelier itself, as well as its luminous and decorative characteristics. A variety of all-copper chandeliers have been developed and designed. In order to meet the needs of lighting effects in various restaurant atmospheres. All-copper chandeliers of snooker and Mercure can generally be hung with chandeliers. In order to meet the needs of different dining atmospheres, designers have designed a switch that can be segmented in all-copper pendant lights. In home life, the best dining lighting effect can be achieved by using segmented switches according to the number of people eating and the intensity of the lights needed during dining. It is worth mentioning that the all-copper chandelier cannot be installed too high, so the bottom of the all-copper chandelier can be placed on the viewing line of the diner. If it is a rectangular dining table, install two chandeliers or long Oval all-copper chandeliers. If it is a garden or square dining table, you can choose a full copper chandelier with positive hexagonal or octagonal sides, you can also choose a round copper chandelier. In addition, if you don't like the all-copper chandelier hanging too low, you can also choose the semi-chandelier in the solder lamp as the restaurant lamp. In addition, according to the different types of dining, our requirements for light are also different. For example, Chinese food pays attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, and often needs bright warm colors; When enjoying Western food, the light should be slightly softer to create a romantic atmosphere. Therefore, in addition to requiring the main chandelier in the restaurant to have an adjustment function, we suggest using spotlights, wall lamps or light belts as auxiliary lighting on the ceiling and four walls of the restaurant. In this way, a variety of dining environments can be transformed.
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