Teach you to choose European full copper lamp specifications according to room size

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
At present, the installation of European-style all-copper lamps in General houses should not only consider the matching of styles, but also consider the lighting requirements of the installation space, so the choice of European-style all-copper lamps is directly related to the aesthetic feeling of indoor lighting. Generally speaking, the area of European-style full copper lamps should not be greater than 2% of the room area ~ 3%. For rooms below 10 square meters, European ceiling lamps or single-head chandeliers with a diameter of 20cm should be selected. For rooms under 10 square meters, it is better to choose small European-style full copper lamps with a height of not more than 30 cm, a width of not more than 18 cm, and a lampshade diameter of less than 12 cm. Have a delicate and small feeling. For rooms of about 15 square meters, European-style all-copper ceiling lamps with a diameter of 30cm or 40 ~ 50cm 3 ~ 4 small European copper chandeliers. For example, the floor height of the living room is 2. If the area is 15 m² and 60 cm square meters, the diameter of European-style all-copper lamps should be about. If the room area is large, the height of the European-style full copper lamp can be slightly lower. In addition to the size of the room, the size of the European-style all-copper wall lamp should also be considered. In the living room of 20 square meters, the diameter of European-style full copper lamps should be about 70 cm. In the 30-square-meter living room, the diameter of European-style full copper lamps can be about 80 cm. The 30-square-meter room will be slightly monotonous with European-style all-copper ceiling lamps, and European-style all-copper multi-head chandeliers are suitable.
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