Take you know tiffany lamp is acted the role of some of the basic often stained glass art

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
- - - - - - - - - - - - Tiffany art lighting lewis & bull origin; Comfort & bull; Tiffany Louis Comfort Tiffany ( - - - - - - ) American artist, is famous for manufacturing decorative glass. He made the lamp and glass appearance is smooth, color is fickle, make difuni the leading advocate of new artistic style. TIFFANY lamp is a hallmark of TIFFANY's original style, the exquisite modern technology combined with elegant, classical style, color, light and natural perfect combination together, with a ray of gentle for modern life, the antique amorous feelings. Using advanced color glass Mosaic welded together, all hand-made, with rich colors, exquisite workmanship, design is smooth and easy, softly lit dazzle beautiful, modelling is practical luxury, ignite passion of life, for you release the special light. Tiffany art lamp is acted the role of common sense, the emperor tiffany lamp is acted the role of the stained glass is used in the process of production to join the special materials generated, the characteristics of the stained glass of all the colors are fired, not post-processing processing color, any aspect of color is the same as the surface color, so color lampshade is made of glass will never fade. , our products must be made of stained glass, colored glass texture is unlike ordinary glass, the simplest judgment method is in the position of the glass with fire, can't burning-out glass, and plastic products will melt! , color glass thickness is commonly MM, unlike common glass, the surface is not very smooth, and most with decorative pattern, color glass can be divided into flat glass, pattern glass, water glass, spots, bubble glass, translucent, transparent. , the chimney of tiffany lamps and lanterns is pure manual products, is to use colored glass pieces of tin wire welded together, it is belong to fragile, be sure to take put down light! , emperor, the style of lamp act the role ofing is relatively straightforward, style is similar to oil painting, is the most important characteristics of a different pattern, can be made far more when you look at or after the lights can experience it more noble and magnificent. , emperor tiffany lamp shade will add a layer of protective oil after production, you can use dry cloth before use to wipe the oil on the glass oil stains will generally open the packing placed a day or two volatile dry! Tiffany art lighting cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning: tiffany ( TIFFANY) Lamps and lanterns of clean, dust fall into light surface please use dry cloth to wipe, directly after do not water or detergent. for the chimney. 。 Maintenance: as a handicraft products, tiffany ( TIFFANY) The lamps and lanterns of need maintenance, after a while, because of the water vapor in the air and dust pollution, can make the tiffany ( TIFFANY) Lose luster of lamps and lanterns, in this case, as long as you use dry cloth with a little oil, on the base of the chimney and gently wipe the surface again, the lamps and lanterns of you will immediately restore the original luster and color.
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