Review in Federation of the first session of the order the General Assembly

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-04
Snooker Meiju participated in the first ordering conference of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles, 6- The opening ceremony was held on the 10th, and the conference was crowded with people. The sound of the salute, the conference kicked off, and the host gave a speech. This ordering conference was carried out by Wenlian and hundreds of lighting brands in Guzhen. Each manufacturer has taken out their own killer, and they have launched their own new models, explosions, and manufacturers directly give profits to dealers, let the dealers no longer have to go through the ancient towns to find manufacturers, no longer hard to fight the price war. In addition, as long as the dealer orders over 50 thousand yuan at the venue, he can get one lottery ticket and have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw. The prize is very good. They are: Lucky Award: 688 yuan worth of Wenlian lighting gift package, Third Prize: 2888 yuan worth of Huawei mobile phone, Second Prize: 8888 yuan worth of 128G iPad Mini (Contains the US lantern city money tree system software) First prize: BMW car worth over 300 thousand yuan (Naked car) Special Prize: S-Class Mercedes-Benz sedan worth more than one million (Naked car) Such a great prize is really not just talk. After the opening ceremony, dealers from all over the country began to enter the venue and began to enter the sweeping mode. Nearly 10,000 square meters of exhibition halls accommodated various lighting brands in the ancient town. Dealers began to pick up their mobile phones and began to buy more. The guests on the booth of snooker are also in an endless stream. Our salesmen are introducing the products of this exhibition to customers.
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