Regular copper lamp factory VS small workshop

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
Recently, I have always met some customers asking me if your all-copper lamp is from a small workshop and whether it is a shoddy product. Yes, it is normal for customers to have this kind of doubt. Why, nowadays, there are always some copper lamps in small workshops, rough raw materials, and the process of cutting corners, all copper lamps produced in this way always give customers a headache. Let me tell you the difference between regular copper lamp manufacturers and small workshops. 1. Regular all-copper lamp manufacturers produce enough all-copper lamps. That is, the copper content is qualified, usually 62 copper or 65 copper. The small workshop holds the same shape of copper lamp, telling you that this is 80% copper content, which is definitely deceptive, making all copper lamps, it is not necessary to use such a high copper content. The full copper lamp does not mean that the more copper content, the better. All-copper lamps from small workshops are generally ridiculously cheap. You think it is doubtful if all-copper lamps with excellent workmanship are so cheap. 2. Look at the color of the full copper lamp. Regular manufacturers of all-copper lamps are bright in color and rich in texture. What is important is that they will not rust for a long time, because regular all-copper lamp manufacturers will have a process called manual oil sealing, in order to prevent copper from coming into contact with carbon dioxide in the air to produce oxidation, resulting in green. However, the full copper lamp in the small workshop does not have this process, because manual oil sealing is a fine job and requires a lot of time. In order to be able to ship quickly, the small workshop basically does not have such a detailed process. Therefore, the full copper lamp customers who come out like this buy back home, and soon the problem comes out and rusts, there is also a feeling of being used for a long time. The service life of such a full copper lamp can be imagined. 3. Look at the packaging. Regular copper lamp manufacturers are also very particular about shipments. As we all know, lamps and lanterns will be damaged during transportation, especially glass lampshades. Regular all-copper lamp manufacturers take this into consideration, so they are packed in three layers and three layers, and they will also be equipped with strong wooden frames. This effectively reduces transportation damage. In order to save the production cost, the small workshop does not play the wooden frame, and the simple carton packaging is shipped hastily, so that the lamps sent to the customers are already terrible. 4. Service. Regular all-copper lamp manufacturers are also very important after-sales. Both pre-sales and after-sales are very careful. We sell not only products, but also brands, not just brands, even if the sale is over, we must let the customer buy it carefully, use it with confidence, and let the customer remember us, so the service cannot be ignored. Small workshops basically do not pay attention to service. They focus on profits. No matter how customers use them, they just sell their products and do one-time business. How can they turn back? Therefore, many customers who have been on the market no longer believe in the copper lamps of small workshops, leaving a lot of shadows in their hearts. The products of regular all-copper lamp manufacturers are trustworthy. I chose snooker Mercure to buy all-copper lamps, specializing in the production of all-copper lamps for 18 years.
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