Proper Dining Room Light Height

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-31
The light source set at the ideal height is one of the fixtures you may never think twice about.However, if set anywhere other than the best height, it will be in your mind ---Even your head.-Repeatedly, whether it\'s providing inadequate lighting or getting in the way every time you use a table.The height of the light in the restaurant goes hand in hand with the height of the table: the higher or lower the table, the higher or lower the light.In most cases, 30 to 34 inch above the table is the main lighting area of the ceilingChandelier or chandelier installed;The light is high enough not to get in the way of anyone, nor too high, so that the light becomes insignificant.If the ceiling of the room is high, the light source may also be higher to better adapt to the size of the room, which also means more important light, which may require the size and quantity of the bulb.
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