Promote lighting development with price integrity

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-20


In the market atmosphere where people generally think that the lighting market is always asking for price, the banner of clear price and price integrity will be clearly established, which will be the important support for the brand competition in the ancient town wall sconce market.

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 In the early 1980s, taking the east wind of reform and opening up, Guzhen Town gradually developed from a single agricultural economic town into a famous lighting manufacturing town with obvious regional economy and outstanding industrial structure. At present, from the market share, industry concentration, business operation mechanism and product brand advantages, Guzhen  has the ability to meet the global market competition, but the overall market still has high price, false discount and other price integrity. The problem has hindered the development of the lighting industry to a certain extent.

 In recent years, the municipal price department and the local town government have done a lot of work in rectifying and regulating the price order of the lighting market. The entire lighting industry is basically priced, but it is far from the true price. Only the plain code price is not clear. The actual price is the operator's misinterpretation of the price obligation. The purpose of the clear price is the actual price. From the perspective of economics, the basic function of clear price is to convey the true value information of goods to the society, thereby guiding the flow of resources, promoting effective allocation, and determining the economic benefits of society.

 Judging from the current situation, there are several factors that hinder the implementation of the clear price: first, due to legal gaps, it is difficult to punish the price. It is understood that there are no relevant laws and regulations that punish the operators for using the price of the price to be arbitrarily high; secondly, the cultural background and the wrong influence of the consumption concept. For a long time, people are accustomed to bargaining consumption, bargaining has become a habit and mindset of people; the third is that price means is still the main means of competition in the commercial sector, operators are holding a wait-and-see attitude, worried that the price of the code becomes a peer Pricing reference.

 The topic returned to the lighting market in Guzhen. The author believes that in the market atmosphere where people generally think that the wall sconce market is soaring, the banner of clear price and price integrity will be clearly established. It will be the brand of Guzhen Market and it is important to meet the fierce market competition. support.

 First, price integrity is the cornerstone of market operations. The development history of human economic activities shows that the more developed the market economy, the higher the requirement for integrity; as the market develops, its economic form becomes rich, uncertain factors will increase, and there will be higher requirements for price integrity. Need price city letter as the basis. Second, the clear price and price integrity will make Guzhen  enjoy a higher reputation. The reputation of honesty of economic entities is essentially the spiritual wealth and value resources that the concept of honesty condenses in the concrete actions of economic entities; the implementation of the ancient town lighting is a brand that can win the recognition of consumers and improve the products. Market share, thereby creating lasting value. Third, establishing a price integrity brand through clear price tag is a basic requirement for participating in international market competition. In the global market competition, price integrity will directly affect its competitiveness. Only when the image of honesty and trustworthiness appears on the stage of global commercial competition, Guzhen is more competitive.

 It is a long-term systematic project to improve the price integrity of the whole society. It is difficult to fully implement the actual price in the lighting market of Guzhen in the short term. However, through the government regulation and guidance, the industry restraint mechanism and the system of dishonesty punishment are established. World visibility will be further enhanced and industry competitiveness will also increase. According to the author's knowledge, in the old Shanghai shops that operate cloth, all of them are marked with low sales at the corner of the cloth. It is the so-called code. By bargaining with the people who buy cloth, to win the maximum profit, the way to buy the cloth is to Either hard to counter-offer, or not to buy, so business is hard to beat. At this time, there are smart operators who change their strategies and clearly mark the price of the original code. It is not a price, and the price is clearly not deceived, and the business is booming. This principle is easy to understand, and it is worthwhile to pay attention to and think about the people involved in the development of the lighting industry in Guzhen.

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