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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
Since the 2013 S, in order to reflect the atmosphere of these places, when choosing the national high-end club engineering lamps, Star hotel engineering lamps, high-end catering engineering lamps, real estate model house engineering lamps and Villa engineering lamps, designers should consider the factors of individual goods when making lighting layout. As a result, many places need to customize lighting, and it is difficult to suit the style, size and personalized needs of the space without customization. And according to the data, in 2013, the national market for such engineering lamps showed a trend of blowout. In order to meet the customer's demand for engineering lamp customization, snooker Mercure all-copper lamp has launched a personalized lamp customization service to meet the needs of different styles, technologies and sizes. At the same time, achieve the highest level of lighting art with the attitude of extreme rigor and excellence. In order to meet this kind of domestic consumer demand, all copper snooker has specially set up an engineering department for this purpose, equipped with three senior designers and 15 experienced employees, and strives to customize lighting; It is not only the production of lamp styles, but also the customization of engineering lamps covering creative design, structural design, production technology, packaging and logistics. After nearly a year of hard work, the company has initially formed a relatively rich customized product line of engineering lamps, such as hotel lobby chandeliers, hotel room lamps, club hall chandeliers, model room lamps, large crystal lamps, marble engineering lamps, non-standard lamps, special-shaped lamps, etc. .
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