Practical small-sized European-style lighting matching scheme, get up quickly!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
Many people think that small-sized lamps are not suitable for matching lamps. Because of their small area, they always feel that they are not suitable for matching chandeliers. Therefore, most small-sized owners will choose small lamps when choosing lamps for decoration, small lamps are small in area and have no burden to match. Today, I will tell you how to match European lamps with small apartments. Although the small apartment can't create a magnificent feeling, it can make the home look more warm. European lamps give people a solemn and elegant feeling with flowing curves. The height of small apartments is generally 2. 5%. 6 m--3 meters, the area is about 20- Between 30 square meters, it is basically integrated with the restaurant, so the design will make the whole space look bigger. Because when choosing European lamps, the lamp body should be less than 50 CM, and the diameter of the lamp body should be about 80 CM. The restaurant lights and the living room lights can be selected in the same series, and the living room is equipped with the same series of wall lights. The master bedroom is matched with a simple European ceiling lamp. The style is slightly more atmospheric. The second bedroom also chooses a simple ceiling lamp. The diameter is slightly smaller than that of the master bedroom. If it is too large, it will have the feeling of usurping the host. Then there is the porch, which is the place to enter the house. Choose a small and exquisite ceiling lamp. If you want to know more about the matching scheme of small-sized European lamps, you can call the national toll-free hotline of snooker: 400-800-7609.
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