[Photonics West 2019] Direct Strike – DUV LED market application with great imagination space

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-13

Photonics West 2019 is the largest optoelectronic industry and the most concentrated international photonics exhibition. It is held annually in San Francisco and is an international optoelectronic industry event. Deep ultraviolet LED (DUV LED) has the advantages of environmental protection, long life, energy saving and less heat loss. With the increase of product stability and the development of the application market, it gradually increases its market development space.

Nichia exhibited industrial lasers and UV LED products. Industrial UV lasers are mainly used in the PCB exposure machine market, and it is easier to achieve collimated light design than UV LEDs. In addition, Nichia's new UV-C LED products will be officially released in April this year, and are currently actively sampling customers, and their optical output power can reach up to 60mW.

DOWA has demonstrated a range of 265nm-340nm deep UV chip products. 340nm UV-B LEDs can reach 150mW (600mA), while 265nm UV-C LEDs can reach 60mW (600mA). On-site with DOWA module customer Eotron's product particles, its UV-C LED module is packaged under 25 UV-C LED chips, and its product power can reach 1.25W, under the illumination area of ​​8.3mm x 8.3mm. Light intensity up to 1.8W/cm²

Violumas is the UV division of Cofan Group Flip Chip Opto, providing suppliers of UV LED products and solutions. Cofan Group's aluminum substrate uses CMC process embedded copper tube to enhance heat dissipation. Combined with UV-A LED, it can achieve 2500W module capability and is used in the Inkjet Printing equipment market. Its UV-C LED products are used in the Insert Attraction and food preservation markets. The future continues to be optimistic about the development of many applications.

UVphotonics will work with Ferdinand-BraunInstitut (FBH) to showcase the latest developments in deep UV LEDs. UVphotonics Photonics West 2019 features 310nm UV-B LEDs up to 30mW (350mA); 265nm UV-C LEDs up to 25mW (350mA); and 233nm UV-C LEDs for 0.3mW (100mA) output power .

LG Innotek demonstrates 100mW 280nm UV-C LED products and continues to develop towards 150mW product technology.

Dr. Zhuo Changzheng of Sanan Optoelectronics gave a discussion at the Photonics West paper to discuss the deep UV technology and current progress. The high efficiency of deep ultraviolet LED products mainly includes three major factors: internal quantum efficiency, carrier injection efficiency and light extraction efficiency. This report is mainly based on internal quantum efficiency and carrier injection efficiency. At present, Sanan Optoelectronics sells UV-C LED products on the market with 1-4mW (20mA), and high power can reach 30~60mW (350mA). Module customization services are also available. The application market includes washing machines, toilet disinfection, drinking water sterilization, and the like.

Nikkiso acquired AquiSense to develop UV-C LED sterilization and purification module, which achieved good results in 2018.

According to LEDinside, a number of LED manufacturers are actively developing UV-C LED products, which can include home appliances, static water sterilization, lighting, food preservation, and even the added value of existing existing products. With the advancement of product technology, it is also possible to move towards dynamic water sterilization, water treatment, food processing sterilization, commercial and manufacturing markets.

LEDinside will launch the 'LEDinside 2019 Deep UV LED Application Market Report - Sterilization, Purification and Potential Market' in April 2019. In addition to the UV LED market value, quantity, price and manufacturer dynamic update, it will focus on the application research in the deep UV market. Analysis provides readers with a more comprehensive understanding of the deep UV application market. (Text: Joanne / LEDinside)

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