phillips lighting ceo: super-efficient light bulb prices will be cut in half by 2017

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
The cost of using a light bulb-
Zia Eftekhar, chief executive of Phillips lighting, said incandescent lamps, which are much more efficient than ordinary incandescent lamps, could fall by 50% by 2017.
Since the price of each LED bulb can be as high as $50, the LED bulb has not yet taken off.
But the latest generation of light bulbs can produce 100 light.
Use a 14-watt Watt incandescent lamp.
These LED bulb versions will be available sometime next year.
This means that consumers can save a lot of money in the use of LED lights.
But they still need to pay a lot of money in advance so that temporary buyers can be reduced.
LED lighting is the same technology
Computer screen and TV lighting
Unlike incandescent lamps in traditional light sources, such as lamps and lamps.
The technology is expensive, but it has a lot of energy.
More efficient than traditional bulbs.
Each LED bulb can be 25 times longer than a typical incandescent lamp.
Businesses will also save a lot of money because they are more sensitive to lighting costs.
There are many companies that are also working on the \"smart\" lighting grid, which uses a combination of power monitoring and motion detection to dynamically distribute lighting where needed.
These companies are trying to make lighting like a broadband network --
This means they can be controlled from the central \"router\" which can monitor the power usage and turn off the lights that are not used.
Phillips will also release 17-
LED bulb in Watt, can produce 75-watt bulb.
The price of that bulb will be high.
Between $40 and $45.
And will be announced in the fourth quarter of this year.
Like most other LED bulbs, it has a life span of about 25 times longer than incandescent lamps, which means that consumers who pick up LED lights may recover the cost of bulbs in terms of electricity bills and bulb purchase savings.
Another supplier of LED light sources, Bridgelux, earlier released an LED-
Electric light source for $20.
However, this is still a lot more expensive than traditional incandescent lamps, with prices ranging from $2 to $10 per bulb.
However, this shows that the price of LED lighting can reach such a level.
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