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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01

中照网讯 Global Lighting Leader Philips Lighting (Amsterdam Europe Stock Exchange: LIGHT) announced on June 21 that it will deploy the first Philips CityTouch in Changzhou and Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. Flex intelligent interconnected road lighting system to help the construction of smart cities in the two places.

“The rapid advancement of urbanization in China has directly led to the increase in urban road lighting, which has led to the demand for intelligent road lighting management and intelligent lighting asset operation and maintenance. At the same time, intelligent road lighting has near-complete urban coverage and flexibility. Combining the advantages of various smart sensors, the smart city's perceived network can be built and deployed simultaneously with the development of the city. We are very happy to see that Philips Lighting's solutions can help China's smart city construction.' Philips Lighting China Professional Xiang Diming, general manager of the channel, said, 'The CityTouch of Philips Lighting Flex is very flexible, not only through a variety of network protocols, but also with new and emerging smart city applications. ”

Philips CityTouch used in Changzhou and Kunshan The flex smart connected lighting system is connected to approximately 230 sets and 1300 sets of Philips LED smart street lights. At present, two projects have entered the installation and commissioning phase, and it is expected that the installation and commissioning will be completed in August.

In May 2017, Philips Lighting launched the first CityTouch in the Chinese market. Flex smart interconnected road lighting system. The system not only connects the luminaires via the existing telecommunication network (GPRS), but also adapts to the narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) that is being promoted. Philips CityTouch while seamlessly docking with the latest Philips LED street lights Flex can also adapt to existing road lighting systems to meet the needs of smart city construction in the Internet of Things era. In addition to lighting, this open system is more compatible with other smart city management systems, helping to create a smart city application ecosystem, improving overall operational performance, and giving new definitions of smart connected lighting.

Since 2014, Philips Lighting has launched the CityTouch smart connected road lighting system, which has been successfully used in major cities such as Los Angeles and Jakarta, Indonesia. It is an important measure to promote the construction of smart cities around the world. The system integrates professional and efficient intelligent connected lighting, data communication, intuitive and easy-to-use cloud service software platform and professional services, making urban lighting management more energy-efficient, efficient and user-friendly.

Source: Philips China Lighting Editor: Yan Zhixiang

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