personal shopper; it\'s back to elegance in lamp design

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-09
There are a number of ways Marianne rowlesjuni 2002 can make an elegant lamp, which was exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Show in New York last month.
Unlike the organic form of the past season, this year\'s fixture design emphasizes clean lines and the backto-
Basic materials.
The wood is rich, and the stems and shades are covered on boards such as birch trees and mahogany.
The plastic pieces are very clear and can pass through the glass.
The mood is limited, with a hint of humor, not a laugh, but a smile;
Who wouldn\'t giggle to pay tribute to the water tank on the New York building? 1.
The c\'hi table lamp designed by Massimo Belloni for Penta, Italy, has a Murano silver-glass shade.
The light is 18 inch high and costs $723;
It can also be used as a floor lamp or a hanging device and can be ordered with a clear glass lampshade.
181 Madison Avenue (34th Street)or www. ddcnyc. com. 2.
The name of this lamp is Wood: It\'s wood-
Based on wood
Oak, chicken wings, or cherries are covered in wood. An 18-inch-
24-square shadow oninch-
The high base is $1,297;
The smaller version is $988. At DDC. 3.
Designed by Fred boulder, the Aura is a clear acrylic light that looks like a huge glass of ice water with a frosted top.
It\'s 24 inch high and costs $200.
There are also clear blue or amber lights from Pablo ,(415)822-6265 or www. pablodesigns. com. Advertisement4.
\"I like to design small objects like lights and buildings,\" says New York architect Alexandra Dini . \".
\"It\'s interesting to work on different sizes.
Duane is her wall made of aluminum and glass with a wooden finish on the surface.
This service is available in 10 woods including maple, cherry and mahogany.
Works from New York are $380 ,(646)638-3449 or www. nyworks. com. Advertisement5.
Christian Dufay, Flutter\'s designer, said: \"I like the resin to be clear and look like glass in the end . \" Flutter is a table lamp with an inverted colored resin. The 17-inch-
The high handmade light comes with a center in red, white or blue.
The price of Unica Home is $145 ,(702)616-9280 or www. unicahome. com. 6.
Light tank of Alessandra Dini has a form that is usually seen outdoors. It is a 29-inch-
High desk lamp with maple leaf finish, Cherry platform and stainless steel
The steel legs at the New York factory cost $360. 7.
James Dieter made the punch pattern sconce for his Brooklyn company dform in Aspen Wood (right)
Or birch veneerThe 10-inch-
High sconces can be hard-
On the wall.
$280 per person;
Table and floor models are available.
Lost City Art Center, 18 Cooper Square (Astor Place), (718)384-6887, or www. dformdesign. com.
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The design of the lamp returned to elegance.
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