[People experience] oil lamp 'photograph' out of space

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

In the countryside of the 1970s, the main tool for lighting was kerosene lamps.

The production of kerosene lamps is very simple and the children will do it. Find a glass bottle of moderate size, cut a hole in the lid, wrap a small tube in the iron, and wear a rag or cotton thread in the middle of the tube, and you're done.

The elegant people, tied two times on the bottle with iron, to make a handle, convenient and good-looking, after passing the lamp, there is no kerosene in the hand. If you pay attention to it, you can go to the street to buy ready-made, professional level, good-looking and easy to use. Our family's kerosene lamps are all from the hands of Dad. They have a long-term military career. Their fathers pay attention to quality. The kerosene lamps they make at home are all brought with them. Two have been preserved ever since.

However, kerosene lamps do a good job, not enough to use enough lights at home. The reason is very simple. Kerosene is supplied by ticket. Each family is fixed according to the population. Without paying attention to saving, the whole family can only touch the black in the second half of the month. At that time, my family was a big family. There were 9 people in total, and there were only three kerosene lamps. Therefore, at night, the right to use kerosene lamps is almost entirely for adults.

In the early 1980s, the Leshan City Bridge Team was stationed in our village and repaired the bridge on Provincial Highway 103. Benefiting from the bridge team and engineering needs, our village quickly installed electric lights and bid farewell to kerosene lamps. However, the brand of kerosene lamp left in my body has survived to this day.

First of all, the dimness of the kerosene lamp cultivated my rationality. At that time, because the kerosene was expensive, the adults always pulled the lamp scorpion very short, and then the light was on, and the peas were a little light, faint and dark, and could only shine two or three meters away. Especially when walking with lights, if you don't pay attention, you will be tripped. I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, after I went to sleep at night, I got up and drank water. I lit a kerosene lamp. When I passed the dam, I didn’t pay attention to it. The stool I had been sitting on when I washed my feet was not cleaned up. I was thrown heavily. It hurts me to scream like a pig. Later I went to the hospital for examination. The result was dislocation of the elbow. After this lesson, I slowly learned the way Mom and Dad did: I tried to pack my space neatly and put the things in a relatively fixed position. In the later study and life, this long-term cultivation of the rationality has greatly helped me.

Secondly, the lack of kerosene lamps has increased my sense of space in the habit of darkness. Because there is no lighting, in many cases, our children play almost no lights, only relying on natural light, assisting memory, feeling, walking, taking things, going to bed, and peeing in the middle of the night. Slowly, naturally, a good sense of space is cultivated. Later, in high school, my geography employment was extremely small, and the results were particularly good. On behalf of the county, I participated in the geographical knowledge contest of the city and won the award.

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