Pay attention to these three points when purchasing hotel engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-07
Generally speaking, family lamps are relatively small and simple, while hotel lamps are relatively large, gorgeous and atmospheric. Today, snooker will tell you three points to pay attention to when purchasing hotel engineering lamps. First, safety, because hotel engineering lamps are usually customized lamps, especially lobby lamps, which are relatively large and heavy, the safety of lamps should be considered first when purchasing, then consider the aesthetics of the lamps, and finally the price factor. Security is the first consideration. Second, flexibility, the light source used in general star hotels, the previous life span is about 2000 ~ 4000 hours. Therefore, lamps and lanterns will require replacement of light sources many times in 10 years. The number of lamps in star hotels is over ten thousand, so replacing the light source is also a big project, and the flexibility of lamps also needs to be considered. The most ideal type of lamp selection is to fix the lamp without affecting it (Positioning)Components can load and unload the light source. In addition to saving replacement time, this also gives a positive protection to interior decoration. Third, the durability of the general star hotel, about five years for a small renovation, about ten years for a large renovation. In other words, the service life of hotel engineering lamps should be at least ten years or more to meet the requirements of star hotels. Because the general small maintenance will not replace the lamps, the scope of human resources involved is too large. This means that in the selection of lamps and lanterns, the most heated and compressed places of lamps and lanterns include reflective cup covers, heat dissipation components and fixing (Positioning)Component, quality is very important.
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