Non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns can complete lamps and lanterns lighting effect

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
Actually whether hotel project lamp or other, reputation is important, have the good word of mouth will retain customers, gradually formed their own customer base, it will be a successful work. Every dealer in the market to do hotel engineering lamps and lanterns project well! Everything is hard in the beginning, so dealers do engineering. Do project lamp, I believe, is to be a process, it is important that connections, the marketing manager, product characteristics, the company integrity, after-sales service, return and so on, actually dealers every single project is very important, I don't know you don't understand the information transmission of text messaging on mobile phones, some dealers do engineering is like, from a small single can do hundreds of projects, or even thousand project list, it is possible. Non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns is undoubtedly the lamp ACTS the role of the market for several years, the preferred products. Since the economic crisis, the average household consumption began to suppress, but the national leading investment and large engineering investment is still in full swing, and high-end consumer groups affected by environment factors. Overall, the hotel lighting non-standard custom class lighting belongs to hot transformation direction. Restaurant, appropriate USES low colour temperature of incandescent lamp, white light bulbs or frosted bulb, diffuse light, not dazzling, with natural light feeling, is kind, gentle. Under the fluorescent lamp high color temperature, light, color, people face looked pale and blue, the color of the food is all around. Lighting can also be used mixed light source, that is, low color temperature light and high color temperature light combined use, the effect of the mixed lighting is quite close to the sun, and the light source is not drab, can choose. A, lamps and lanterns of environmental protection and energy saving lamps and lanterns at the hotel design, use the lamps and lanterns of sometimes a lot of, can think using variety of lighting and control measures to achieve energy saving effect. As far as possible use of natural light, reduce the use of artificial light. According to the hotel the importance of the different space and different places, to set up different situation, establish different lighting scaling, reduce the power consumption of lamps and lanterns. To save energy at the same time, and can complete the lamps and lanterns of lighting effect. Second, lamps and lanterns of the peace hotel in the lobby and important places usually device to match the lamps and lanterns of large, traffic was compared. Large weight is much heavier than ordinary lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, and customize the lamps and lanterns, the safe sex are elements of a hotel lighting to focus on thinking. Three, the price of hotel engineering lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns price direct resolution hotel lighting levels, at the same level of the price of lamps and lanterns are the same at all. May be due to difference in the manufacturing process of existing small bias. But if the price is too wide, the lamps and lanterns, there may be a problem. And customize the lamps and lanterns should choose to have actual strength, good reputation manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, talents to ensure that the quality of lamps and lanterns.
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