No main light living room is harmful! It's time to install a full copper chandelier in the living room!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
With the trend, the pursuit of novelty, fashion, warmth and high-end atmosphere for home decoration design is the mainstream demand of modern people. Recently, I heard several customers passing on such a decoration method: no main lamp design. The so-called main lamp design is to replace the main lamp with some auxiliary light sources. For example, the living room does not use the main lamp, but directly uses downlights or spotlights instead. The design of the main light saves the cost for the owner to a certain extent, but is the main light in the living room really good? Harm of living room without main lamp: 1. The design of the main lamp may have a certain impact on our life in the overall design. If we only rely on spotlights or wall lamps, it is likely to cause dizziness and other conditions; 2. The design requirements for the main lamp are relatively high, the design should be rigorous, and the design is not in place may affect our later life. 3. The decoration design without main lamp has extremely high requirements on the flatness of the ceiling of the living room. A little unevenness will greatly reduce the decoration effect of the living room, and there are still few construction cases that can ensure that the design and construction are good. Xiao Bian believes that an all-copper chandelier can improve the decoration effect of the living room compared with other furniture, which can be said to be incomparable. A high-end and elegant all-copper chandelier can make the living room show dignified atmosphere. According to common sense, the living room should be spacious and bright. With downlights and wall lamps as the main lighting, it always feels that the living room is very depressed. When the lights are turned on, it gives people a feeling of entering the middle of the night, lost a lot of vitality. Feng Shui said that the living room is a place of gathering gas and collecting money. It is important that the living room should be bright. Although the design of the main lamp can save costs and will not be dim and dull, there is still a certain gap with the lighting effect of the chandelier. Don't say that there is no main lamp design, and quickly choose an atmospheric, high-grade all-copper chandelier for your home.
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