New living room chandelier SZ50843-13 graceful and luxurious 'hao' fan

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
Recently, snooker has been in the new style, and now it has been officially launched. Today, Xiaobian can't help but recommend the new living room chandelier SZ50843-13, graceful and luxurious, full of trenches; Fan er! Living room chandelier SZ50843- 13. At first glance, it gives people a very graceful feeling. Why do you have this feeling? Please pay attention to the details. The first thing I saw was a large bowl-shaped frosted glass lampshade with yellow spray, which was very full. The bottom was decorated with a small and exquisite spinning copper lamp plate and a white jade bottom. The Chinese cabbage-shaped die-cast copper ring designed at the bottom of the Lamp pot highlights the classical sense of solemnity, and the thick two-sided crimping copper tube wall looks strong and powerful! Living room chandelier SZ50843- 13 with the classical European-style living room, the mahogany furniture is also a perfect blend of the finishing touch and the bronze lamp body of the chandelier, which is very atmospheric. This lamp has a diameter of 910 and a height of 650. It can also be installed in ordinary suites.
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