New copper products, defining new Chinese chandeliers with technology

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-14
New Chinese brand owned by four-dimensional home lighting company-Jane copper, officially meet with you this month! Simple copper, representing copper as the material, is dedicated to the design of simplifying the complexity, creating a simple but not simple new Chinese lamps. Simple copper SZ50897- The inspiration for the creation of the 06 New Chinese chandelier comes from the well-known 'Moonlight over the Lotus Pond' by Zhu Ziqing, a famous writer. The inner cover of the whole lamp is made of Jingdezhen Thin tire ceramics, with cloud sea and distant mountains as the background. The lamp arm is made of freehand Lotus, and the middle column is surrounded by a few high and low lotus leaves. Against the backdrop of the light, the whole lamp reflects the beauty of moonlight on a lotus pond vividly, and the elegant, hazy and quiet beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the world arises spontaneously. This SZ50897- 06 is not a simple new Chinese chandelier. This lamp also contains high-brightness, high-definition LED two-color light source, which can be dimmable and color-adjustable, intelligent voice control and intelligent remote control. It can be linked with any sensor in the home to realize scene control such as opening the door and turning on the light, sensing the person to turn on the light, and so on. Warm Tip: This product contains 1 invention patent, 2 appearance patents and 4 utility model patents. Counterfeiting must be investigated!
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