New Chinese lamps-------The essence of Chinese culture

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
The shape of the new Chinese lamps is simple but not simple, gorgeous but not classic, and the essence of thousands of years of Chinese culture is everywhere, so people are so eager to admire the new Chinese lamps. The so-called constant change, any style interpretation has its specific cultural background as a support, in order to convey the pursuit of people's life in a specific cultural atmosphere. Then the new Chinese style is based on Chinese traditional classical culture, creating a living space full of Chinese romantic atmosphere. For example, mahogany, blue and white porcelain, purple sand teapots and some mahogany handicrafts all embody the rich beauty of the East. This is where the new Chinese lighting style is different from other lighting styles. This minimalist style has penetrated the civilization of the eastern China for thousands of years. It is not only used in time, but also has a charming oriental charm. Any detail in the culture of thousands of years of China can be used as the inspiration of the creation of new Chinese lamps, and we are the only ones who embody these classical elements; In order to truly feel.
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