Living room lighting I choose all copper European chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
The living room is an important place for the whole family to have leisure and entertainment and meet guests. The lighting should not only be natural and graceful, but also pay attention to creating a warm atmosphere. Then the European chandelier for snooker is a choice you cannot miss. You deserve such a European chandelier! It is made of brass to make a strong and durable, hand-made, anti-corrosion copper lamp body. It is made by many complicated processes such as spinning, stamping, bending, rounding, lathe, etc. The pursuit of infinite details shows the noble style; A selection of PVC lampshades, bright color, warm and elegant, showing the style, from the real touch, rustic mixed with fashion, giving people a warm feeling. European chandeliers in the living room have different requirements for lamps and light from different floors. This model: SZ50703- The 28 all-copper chandelier is suitable for living rooms of about 36 square meters and has a floor height of more than 3 meters. For more information about living room lamps, please consult 400-800-7609
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