lighting the bathroom mirror the right way

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-10
One of the most important parts of any bathroom is the mirror.
When there is plenty of light, the mirror in the bathroom can be the best friend of every woman.
Have you ever thought about why some bathrooms are so friendly and welcoming while others are so harsh and unattractive?
The answer may be proper lighting.
Let\'s admit it;
Everyone spends quite a long time in front of the mirror.
We tried to fix ourselves as much as possible in front of a mirror, primp and preen.
A mirror is an important tool for providing yourself with proper grooming.
The mirror needs to be lit properly so that spending some time in front of the mirror will be a daily pleasure routine.
Providing good lighting for mirrors is a challenge.
Lighting the mirror correctly will eliminate unnecessary shadows and provide good lighting for each user.
Usually, we see only one ceiling fixture in the bathroom.
This type of lighting does not provide friendly lighting, but only casts shadows under your eyes and hits your eyebrows, which is definitely an unfriendly effect.
The key to good mirror lighting is cross lighting.
Cross lighting includes direct light from above, on both sides and below.
This can be achieved through a variety of available lighting devices.
Strong light should be avoided from frosted bulbs or fixtures with opaque plastic or glass shielding.
The decorators suggest that the front edge and countertop of the sink should be illuminated with a light on the ceiling above the mirror.
This may be a recessed mission light that can be a circular incandescent lamp ceiling fixture with a diameter of at least 12 inch and a bulb rating of 100 to 120 watts.
You can also choose a fluorescent ceiling fixture above the sink.
It is recommended that the fluorescent ceiling fixture above the sink should accommodate two 24-
Inch bulb with rated power of 20 watts.
In order to complete the cross lighting, you should place the lamps on both sides of the mirror.
It is important to choose a light fixture that projects light in four directions --
Up, Down and on both sides.
A row of low wattage incandescent lamps specially designed for rear view mirrors for exposure.
Pendant or wall
Fixed installation is also a common choice.
These types of fixtures should be placed on the eye level and should have at least 60 to 70 watt bulbs.
Fluorescent tubes are also the most popular choice because of its low power consumption and longer use time.
Today, there are many fluorescent tubes designed for vanity, which provide full spectrum of light.
The 24 inch 20-watt tube placed on both sides of the mirror will produce the required lighting.
If your bathroom mirror is more than 24 inch wide, you can use wall-mounted lights above the mirror, while using the same type of lamps on the side to complete the cross-lighting effect.
Finally, for mirrors larger than 36 inch wide, the side light may not be enough to provide the required lighting.
However, this can be corrected by using a powerful overhead light source, which will be sufficient to cover the middle part of the Mirror that the side fixture may not be able to illuminate.
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