Lighting joining conditions and related policies

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-16
There is a lot of information about lighting joining on the internet. Before joining, we should first understand the joining threshold of various lighting brands, that is, the joining conditions we call, and the relevant support policies after joining. Snooker dealers are all over the country. Do you know about snooker lighting joining conditions and related policies? 1. The area of the store shall not be less than 50㎡, and the dealer shall enjoy the price of the goods after joining. 2. Snooker has a regional protection system for dealers, and there can be no two dealers in the same area. 3. Dealer shop decoration, the company gives free shop decoration design. 4. Provide the distributor's stores with Electronic Atlas of the company's products, and at the same time give the company a lamp distribution system free of charge, which is convenient for customers to select money and make matching plans. 5. For orders made on the Tmall, as long as the customer's receiving address is within the distributor area, the order is pushed to the distributor in the region. 6. At the same time, regardless of the online and offline customers, as long as the customer is in the dealer area, want to go to the store to buy, we will push the customer to the dealer store to deal.
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