Lighting in 2019 four big trend is that they are, do you agree?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-21
0 years lighting four big trend is that they are, do you agree? 0 - - - - - - - 0 in a trice, 0 years will soon the past, we will usher in a new 0 years. So, what are 0 years lighting trend? Lighting designer Bob Singer Shared the thoughts of his heart. Customized to provide space personality and characteristics is one of the best ways to adopt unique lighting lamps and lanterns. “ Designers like to customize some decorative elements, can match any environment. ” Droplight will customize the trend to a new level, with a variety of sizes and countless color combination, can create thousands of, unique appearance. See light see light modern interior design is mainly based on the concise and clean, so the smallest lines and seamless lighting in 0 years at the forefront of lighting design. “ Unless the lamps and lanterns is the purpose of the decoration, it is important to feel and see illumination. ” Blend in lighting buildings can give a person leave deep impression, let a person experience to the most pure space at the same time. Color as LED lighting and control is becoming more and more popular, its possibility is increasing. New one possibility is the ability to change colors in space illumination levels. “ As a kind of trend, color is accepted by design industry & throughout; &ldquo,; For hotels and restaurants, and even schools, is a very good application. ” Wireless capabilities & other; People like to from a single source control each lamp & throughout; &ldquo,; But the bigger advantage is to reduce the wireless system of labor cost and installation cost. ” With the aid of a platform, setting, configuration, and system maintenance can be deal with by mobile devices, make networking lighting in commercial or industrial applications are easier to implement. A: graphene materials research present situation and the application in the field of LED lighting: next article from 0 0 Chinese exports to Europe LED lighting products is recommended
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