Lighting factory lighting professional villa lighting custom manufacturer, 5 ways to teach you to choose the right living room chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
The light source of the villa living room comes from the villa living room chandelier, the choice of the living room chandelier affects the creation of the entire living room environment. Lighting factory lighting professional villa lighting custom manufacturer, various methods teach you to choose the right living room chandelier. Choose according to the height of the living room: When choosing a villa living room chandelier, we must fully consider the fixed factors of the height and area of u200bu200bthe living room. For a space with a clear height of .-. meters, it is advisable to choose a living room chandelier with a height of less than centimeters. If the clear height exceeds meters, you can choose a larger living room chandelier, which will make it more magnificent. Choose according to the style of the living room: In the home decoration design, the style should be unified. The living room chandelier mainly shows its lighting art effect from the shape and lighting. When purchasing the living room chandelier, it is very important to pay attention to whether the color of the chandelier is consistent with the overall decoration style, and whether it can match and set off each other is very important. Energy saving and power saving cannot be ignored: the living room is the most used area in the home space, so the living room chandelier should be bright and touch every corner. The light source is best to choose energy-saving lamps or LED light sources to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Consider cleaning issues in advance: When choosing a living room chandelier, you must consider the convenience of replacement and cleaning. The structure of the chandelier is as simple as possible, and the installation is convenient, so that it is convenient for loading and unloading and performing some daily cleaning and maintenance. The safety factor is very important: When choosing a living room chandelier, you should not blindly be greedy for cheap, but first look at its quality. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap is often not good. Many cheap chandeliers are inferior in quality and often have endless hidden dangers, so we must pay attention to the safety factor. We can customize it according to your style. For more details about the living room chandelier, please consult the relevant recommendation of the official customer service of the lighting factory lighting official website http://, hourly free service call, look forward to your call
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