Lighting factory lighting PK China building materials network suppliers to create high-efficiency and energy-saving hotel lobby lamps for you

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
Is it necessary to go to China Building Materials Network for hotel lobby lighting customization? Not necessarily. Good products are not only available on large building materials websites such as China Building Materials Network. There are large-scale building materials networks, and lighting factories have the same, and they must not be worse than them. After visiting the large building materials network, you may wish to take a look at the lighting factory lighting, I believe you will not be disappointed. Hotel lobby lighting A suitable hotel lobby lighting is very important. A suitable hotel lobby lighting can reflect the culture of your hotel, enhance the taste and grade of your hotel, and double the brilliance of your hotel. Hotel lobby lighting So how to choose the right hotel lobby lighting? In fact, it is very simple. Choosing the right hotel lobby lighting is nothing more than paying attention to the following points: First, the safety of the lighting, because the hotel lobby is the most frequent place for guests, so when choosing the hotel lobby lighting, you should not blindly be greedy for cheap. Look at the quality of the lamp first, and check whether the lamp warranty and certificate are complete. Secondly, when choosing lamps and lanterns, pay attention to the consistency of style, whether the color, shape and style of lamps and lanterns are commensurate with the hotel lobby decoration and interior layout, and echo each other. In the choice of lamp color, it is necessary to choose the color that matches the indoor color tone, especially the color of the lampshade, which plays a great role in creating an atmosphere. Finally, the size of the lamps should be coordinated with the space size and height of the hotel lobby. Lighting factory lighting years of hotel lighting customization experience, to create high-efficiency and energy-saving hotel lighting for you. Hourly customer service hotline: If you have any questions about lighting customization, please click on the right side of our webpage to consult our customer service online, or call: Suzhou Lighting Factory Lighting One-stop intimate service. [Source: Suzhou Lighting Factory Lighting http://]
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