light up your home as the days get darker

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
Winter may be a good time to assess your home lighting and its impact on the look and feel of your residence.
Porter Davis, Stephanie atanasarowski\'s chief interior designer, fashion world, provides the following tips: choosing the perfect chandelier is one that changes the room by creating attractive focus
A trend we love
And into our presentation.
Woven and wicker-style pendant not only in the resortstyle homes.
The unique lighting shape on the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or walkway is a great way to really shine the room.
Try to use natural fibers, ropes, industrial styling
Look for materials, unique shapes or individual pendants to bring your home to life.
Choose an oversized floor lamp to increase the height of your living room or choose a bedside table and a floor lamp on the other side of the bed.
This balances the amount of light emitted by each lamp and creates a comfortable feeling.
Modern dark or matte tones with brass and marble finishes are popular this year.
Keep in mind that the design should be simple, not extracted from the space, but as an ingredient that combines recipes together.
Styling is usually done by adding potted plants or mats to the corners of the room and then throwing them on the furniture, but the most important aspects are often forgotten: lighting.
Introduce natural textures through lighting selection-
Whether it\'s a chandelier, a floor lamp or a desk lamp-
Can change the overall beauty of a room.
Natural textures inject warmth from the outside world by using sustainable or recycled wood, rattan and rattan.
These materials not only conform to the trend, but they form a texture pattern on the wall as the light shines.
You walk into a bleak living space and a feeling of relaxation and comfort will take over right away.
Lighting can affect the atmosphere of any type of room.
Create a luxurious holiday style with dimmers, but dramatic lighting in the bedroom and bathroom can turn the home into a personal paradise.
The downlight above the artwork and mirror backlight is a hot trend we combine throughout the display to create a complex atmosphere.
The dark matte tone with brass finish is very popular this year.
Especially in the dining area, global lighting continues to be welcomed by statements. Industrial-
Style lighting with mesh, glass and brass textures is perfectly combined with a range of contemporary aesthetics and in stark contrast to the classic style.
Even at the peak of winter, natural light is the healthiest way to create airy and bright homes.
Clever positioning of the skylight and windows, such as using the window as a kitchen splash or incorporating the skylight into the bathroom, is a great way to make the room feel open and vibrant.
Natural light not only makes you feel more connected to the outdoors, but also makes your space fresh.
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