LED lighting industry brand evolution theory

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-19


 In Europe and the United States, the development of the lighting industry has a history of hundreds of years. The rich cultural heritage and religious colors make them more of a kind of art and even luxury goods, which are carefully crafted and refined. Most of the European lighting factories are small and beautiful, ranging from five or six people's family workshops to dozens of small and micro enterprises. The annual turnover is mostly in the millions of dollars. About 2,000 to 30 million yuan, some family-owned enterprises that make lamps have made a living for this life, and they are proud of this as a business. The lighting designed and manufactured by these century-old stores is more used in high-end places such as churches, congresses, luxury hotels, palaces, villas, etc. The maintenance cost after sale is very high. Art and luxury are the European understanding of lighting, and cultural accumulation, creative design, and artistic heritage have become essential elements of European wall sconce brands.

 In China, the lighting industry has developed for only 30 years. For many dining table chandelier-makers, lighting is an exotic product. In fact, the earliest people who made lighting products started from foreign trade foundries, and later discovered huge domestic potential markets. Going to domestic sales of independent brands. Different from the aesthetic habits of Europeans who appreciate the artistic beauty of lighting itself, ordinary Chinese consumers rarely pay attention to a single table lamp, and more often regard it as an accessory in the overall home decoration or architectural style. In terms of the frequency of purchases, Chinese consumers are different from Americans. In a few years, they are thrown away and replaced with new ones. Unlike most Europeans, they tend to take over the renovation of the factory and are not willing to buy a new one. dining table chandelier. Domestic consumers have low attention to lighting, low replacement rate, upstream brands and consumer partitions and many other reasons, resulting in the current lighting industry has not yet appeared in the popular brand, only some industry brands.

 At present, there is no public brand in China's lighting industry. Many companies have created individual product titles for a certain category such as crystal lamps, European lamps, and American copper lamps. Even a small part of the single-product champions has completed a single product breakthrough. After that, it gradually evolved from a single product manufacturing brand to a lighting industry brand brand store through its own expansion of production or OEM extension product lines. However, the huge R&D, design, logistics, promotion, terminal image display and other expenses behind the brand store are not affordable for ordinary SMEs. For example, in the first- and second-tier market brand stores, the cost of a single lighting store is Nearly a million or even millions, enough to discourage many companies and dealers. Although Guzhen has more than 24,000 lighting related brands, there are less than 2,000 upstream brands that consumers can access in the terminal wall sconce market, and less than 200 brands are displayed through the brand store system. It is not difficult to see the lighting brand building. The original form and the difficulty.

 Walking through Shili Deng Street, in addition to the signboards, the lighting products are almost all carved out. The manufacturers lack originality and design innovation. Even the decoration style and brand VI system are exactly the same, because the manufacturers simply cannot understand the brand system. It takes so much money, and even hundreds of business owners are looking for the same advertising planning company. The planners under low-cost operation can only use the trademark system and address provided by the business owner. The contents of the phone, etc. have been slightly modified. This self-deception brand building model can't be implemented in the brand display process. The author went into dozens of lighting stores and found that many stores directly used the brand showroom as a warehouse and stuffed them into various models as much as possible. There is no brand culture and connotation at all; many brand showrooms, which are known as flagship stores, can't even get the price tag of wall sconce products, which causes 80% of the time to be wasted on bargaining, giving customers a good impression and buying experience.
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