LED lighting agents should understand what they should learn from the 'Western Expo'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-14

Provincial agents, with the development of the lighting industry, are increasingly confused. Compared with the market situation ten years ago and five years ago, the intensity of market competition has obviously increased. However, the facts show that this kind of aggravation is objective. For example, the logistics industry is becoming more and more developed, and the informationization has become more pervasive. The meager profit era has promoted the channel change; these changes have threatened the provincial agents, but they cannot Change the continued development of these elements.

 Under the current trend, any refusal to resist may not help, so why not take advantage of the situation and explore another way of survival and development? In fact, as long as the channel changes mentioned above are taken seriously, and the positioning of the interests in the chain of interests can be found, Break through the predicament and achieve new channel heroes.

 Many distributors have experienced the changes in the lighting industry's channels, but it is not difficult to see the intensification of this change from what I have seen in this Expo.

 From April 25th to 27th, at the Western Fair held in Chengdu, Sichuan, I contacted many customers in the second and third grade markets and learned that many customers no longer take goods from provincial agents, but directly seek direct supply from lighting manufacturers. In the process of visiting wholesale and retail customers in Chengdu, the first sentence often heard is that business is difficult to do, and hope to get support from manufacturers. It can be seen that at this stage and even later, these customer groups will continue to generate such ideas, and most of the customer groups have been taking goods from the ancient town for some years. This actually represents a trend. The author tries to analyze this trend from the following points.

 First of all, from the changes in several major lighting stores in Chengdu, when the approval of the Sichuan Provincial Government is not in the scope of relocation, the image of the store must be renovated in order to create the image of the city store. Become the most luxurious retail lighting market in Chengdu. The wholesale distribution center is gradually transferred to the Sanlitun City and the Love Lights  City outside the Third Ring Road. The most popular behavior of the second-hand lighting products of the merchants in Jinfu City is also reduced one by one. Instead, they are directly taken from the ancient town.

 Secondly, there will be two or three brands holding dealer meetings in Xibo. If it is 4 or 5 years ago, the brand will hold a provincial distributor meeting in Chengdu, at least 80-100 provincial distribution customers will come. Join the game. This time, there are 30 regional distributor conferences in several provinces in Sichuan, ranging from 15 to 20. It is conceivable that it is difficult to attract customers to do distribution.

 Finally, the development of information and the speed of logistics and transportation have intensified this trend. Through the QQ and WeChat platforms, the manufacturers will send new products to the contactable customers in the first time, and the corresponding fast logistics will directly reach the third-tier market. The author met with several lighting logistics company managers in Chengdu this time. They admitted that the company has opened 14 county-level cities from the ancient town directly to the provincial third-tier market, and there are more than 60 special lines in 120 county and 4 autonomous counties. In the case that most of the county towns in Sichuan are not very convenient for transportation, there are almost half of the logistics lines that go directly to the tertiary market, not to mention other provinces and coastal provinces.

 Provincial agents, from the above points, it is not difficult to see that the second and third-line market distributors are seeking to cross themselves and seek development. This approach is in line with the interests of dealers in the second and third tier markets, and is also a trend. Perhaps this trend is causing the provincial total generation to be hurt, but it is absolutely necessary to understand this business trend. In the era of e-commerce traditional food channels, this phenomenon is no longer normal.

 The provincial-level total generation actually has its own articles to do. And you can open up your own new world by doing your own articles. This is also the provincial total generation should also be branded and highly value-added. Make your own characteristics in order to be invincible. The large, comprehensive, not specialized, protracted and inefficient business model five years ago and ten years ago is clearly outdated. Facing the reality, the provincial-level total generation can completely abandon some stale limbs like insects, retain new powerful limbs, make a big change, and arm yourself with new ideas and thinking. Like home lighting, there are many product lines, can you fight the market with the strength of a single product, can you highlight its existence with its characteristic operation. If the profits are raised and the features (including business models) are made, is there still no distributor?

 Coincidentally, Bill Lee from EME has also launched a single-agent agency system in the market to embed branded product lines this year, pushing the development of provincial-level dealers. And continue to promote the first-line brand quality, third-line brand price and nanny-style service, the trinity to help dealers develop the channel development concept, truly bring value to the dealer (in line with the concept of Bill Lee from EMElighting only to do valuable products). I believe we can also help some provincial distributors who are in transition.

 The changes in the market are changing rapidly, and they will be abandoned by the market. At the provincial level, you should see opportunities in confusion, because when everyone is confused, the first shots can often win.

 The situation reflected by the West Expo is the clue to the coming day. What is this clue? I believe, you know.

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