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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04

Zhongzhao network news In recent years, domestic LED The industry is staring in the blue ocean from the stars and the influx of capital. In the blink of an eye, it is a situation of overcapacity and sorrow. in LED In the case of a sluggish main business, many companies have begun a major transformation, entering the cultural and educational industry, and acquiring football teams. 2 month 22 On the day of trying to build a 'double main business', Qinshang Optoelectronics announced that it would change the name of the securities to Qinshang.

On the other hand, personalized lighting is also LED The direction of business exploration. Take NVC lighting as an example. 2 month 23 On , NVC Lighting announced that it has cooperated with JD.com to establish a “Dongdong” pan-home custom brand. Prior to this, Op Lighting also launched the 'light customization' service.

Custom lighting is used as an entry point to break the industry's inherent model or a new direction. Wu Yulin, president of Foshan Lighting Association, said that with the continuous improvement of lighting requirements, light customization technology will usher in a huge market development space, and will enter thousands of households in the next few years.

Multiple LED Company name change

2 month 22 Qinshang Optoelectronics announced that it has changed its name to “Diligence Shares” and announced its determination to build “Double Main Business”.

Qinshang shares announced that in view of the acquisition of Guangzhou Longwen Education Co., Ltd. 100% The major asset restructuring of the equity has been completed, and the company's main business and development strategy have undergone major changes, realizing the dual main business layout of the semiconductor lighting industry and the education industry. In order to meet the development needs of the company, the company's Chinese securities abbreviation was changed from “Qin Shang Optoelectronics” to “Qin Shang Shares”, and the English abbreviation was also KINGSUN OPTO ' changed to ' KINGSUN SHARE '.

In fact, Qinshang is not the first in the capital market to announce cross-border transformation and change the name of the securities. LED Business. According to incomplete statistics, along with LED The industry has entered the stage of disordered competition. Before Qinqin shares, at least 5 Home LED Corporate adjustment LED The main business and changed the name of the securities.

last year7 month 19 , at the time, Hongli Photonics announced that it was putting LED Under the premise of becoming bigger and stronger, the company will actively deploy the car networking industry and create a company for the company. LED +Car Network” has laid a certain foundation for the dual main business format, and the securities abbreviation has been changed to “Hongli Zhihui”.

last year 3 month 1 On the day of the announcement, Changfang Lighting announced that the company is based on Shenzhen Changfang Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd., and the three subsidiaries of the company jointly form a corporate group to meet the company's future development planning and business development needs. The short name of the securities was changed from “Changfang Lighting” to “Changfang Group”.

In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, in recent years, Meida Digital, Lehman shares and Tongfang Youyou have a history of business adjustment and renaming.

Explore custom lighting

In the capital market, LED Behind the transformation of companies, it’s LED The industry’s things are human.

It is understood that in just a few years, LED The industry has changed from the blue ocean to the Red Sea, and the influx of capital from various sources has turned into a transformation of lighting companies.

Among them, in addition to the low entry barrier, the industry's plagiarism is prevalent, and product homogeneity is serious, leading companies to be keen on price wars, coupled with the market becoming saturated, demand is reduced, so that there is excess capacity. According to the data, only 2015 years, there will be more than 20% , about 5000 Home LED Related companies exit the market.

'In the future, people will have higher and higher requirements for product quality and functional characteristics. It is difficult for low-cost and low-quality products to form unique customers, let alone achieve sustained and profitable profits.' Wu Yulin said.

On the other hand, in addition to transforming or building a dual main business, there are also LED Enterprises are still sticking to the lighting industry, and personalized lighting has become a new direction for these companies to explore.

Take NVC lighting as an example. 2 month 23 On , NVC Lighting announced that it has cooperated with JD.com to establish a “Dongdong” pan-home custom brand. Prior to this, Op Lighting also launched the 'light customization' service.

According to Zhang Peng, president of NVC Group, “Dongdong” will unite the world's outstanding designer resources, through the interaction of online users and designers, and through Jingdong cloud data mining, to provide design solutions that meet user needs, is a kind of A new model of user-driven interaction, transaction, and delivery.

Op Lighting also said that with the development of lifestyle and concept, people's lighting consumption is shifting from purchasing pure lighting products to overall light environment solutions. While paying attention to product performance styles, it pays more attention to lighting effects and applications. Customization of the environment.

Source: Wu Zepeng, 'Daily Economic News' Editor: Lilin

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