Learn about the difference between new Chinese lamps and Chinese lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
Chinese style is the traditional style of our country, represented by ancient palace buildings. Therefore, Chinese lamps are also designed on the basis of highlighting the strong Chinese style, the new Chinese style lamps are a new style extracted from the Chinese style. Chinese lamps and lanterns are more classical, and the decoration style is limited. Some simple and modern decoration is not suitable for Chinese lamps and lanterns. However, the new Chinese lamps have added elements of the new era, and on the premise of mastering the essence of Chinese style, they have been recreated with modern methods. The design of the style has both realism and freehand brushwork. In terms of materials, Chinese lamps are mainly made of wood, and they have higher requirements for wood materials, and the decoration of wood is more elaborate and meticulous, for example, Chinese-style carved dragons, phoenixes and other beautifully patterned screens. The new Chinese-style lamps are more widely used in the range of materials, such as the current popular all-copper new Chinese style, which is very popular.
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