Lamp act the role ofing how to decorate

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-18
Lighting how should decorate lighting is how arrangement, from the sitting room, dining-room, study, detailed explanation for your bedroom living room lighting, general is given priority to with droplight or absorb dome light, at the same time with auxiliary lamp act the role ofing is wall lamp, tube lights and shoot the light. To advocate the lamp, if the sitting room height in 3. More than 5 meters, can choose the more expensive kind of chandelier or absorb dome light. If in 3 meters, can choose droplight of mid-range luxury. And height in 2. 5 meters, as far as possible choose middle-grade absorb dome light or cancel advocate the lamp. In addition, to have the independent lamp or floor lamp on one end of the sofa, can let not direct light scattered throughout the sitting area, very convenient to talk and read the newspaper. , of course, also can be a few wall lamp is installed on wall place, if there are murals and cabinets, can install the lamp ornament, invisible in the TV next to a single low illumination of incandescent lamp, can reduce the damage eyesight. Restaurant lighting lighting decoration, of course, is the focus of the table, the lamp can choose droplight, of dangling to the overall effect, droplight shoulds not be too high, the dinner is on the line of sight. If a table is a rectangle, or oval lights need 2, in order to balance the other work. Chinese food pay attention to color, flavor, require a little bright warm color to move. But western food, you need to soft point to create romantic atmosphere. Study illume of the study environment should be elegant and bright, the light from the left shoulder top best illuminate, or in the front desk place a very high but the desk lamp of radiation degree is not high. In the desk lamp of special study, suggested art desk lamp, make the light immediate illuminate is on desk. If a 'study' is multi-purpose room, as far as possible using opaque, half of metal working lamp, because the light can be on the desktop, convenient to read, and do not affect a free space to do other things. Tip: if the sofa, rattan chair reading above, can use the floor lamp of adjustable height and brightness. Bedroom lighting the bedroom is bed rest place, the light wants downy, unable to fall asleep a sting eyes in order to have a best environment bedroom can choose to absorb dome light as the basic light source, installed in the ceiling above. The wall that can hold wall lamp, and a dresser and appropriate use of the head of a bed bedside lamp brightness can be adjusted. Related searches: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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