Huayu leads the lighting into Hungary

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-22

With the rapid development of the lighting industry, the Budapest China Mall in Hungary became the most concerned event in the industry in August, and on the afternoon of August 23, in the ancient town of Dengdu, China, the China International Trade Association, China The Building Decoration Association, the Hungarian-Hungarian Economic Chamber of Commerce hosted the European Products Ordering Conference and the press conference for the launching ceremony of the Hungarian China Mall. Major associations and chambers of commerce in the ancient towns will attend, and the high specifications will cause great concern in the industry.

China Merchants set up an office in Zhongshan not long ago. The staff members forgot to work, and finally ushered in the fruits of victory. The investment promotion work has achieved initial results. Through the three-dimensional promotion in this newspaper and TV station, as of the 21st, there is Nearly 100 companies expressed their intention to enter the China Mall, and they also received strong support from the major lighting electrical associations. According to China Merchants Office, Zhongshan Industry Association, Guangdong Chongqing Chamber of Commerce  Electric Branch, Taiwan  Association Association China Association, Zhongshan Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Zhongshan Taizhou Chamber of Commerce, Huizhou  Association will also become this news Co-organizer of the conference, the export giant of Guzhen ——— Huayu  became the exclusive sponsor of this project.

With the strong support of industry associations and mainstream media in the industry, the progress of China Merchants' investment promotion work has become more orderly and powerful. At the request of the majority of enterprises, the China Merchants Office will organize dozens of customers who intend to sign up to visit Europe on September 7~12. At that time, the company will have a close contact with the Budapest China Mall in Hungary to experience the huge business opportunities brought by the European market.

According to the China Merchants Office, the intentional customers have already had an in-depth understanding of the situation of the China Mall. At present, among all the interested customers, the China Merchants Office has found many similar products. In response to this situation, the China Merchants Office said that at that time, the project The group will invite relevant experts to conduct evaluations and conduct rigorous assessments on the strength, scale, operation status and profit model of the enterprise.

There is a fundamental difference between the Chinese shopping malls in Hungary and the traditional investment promotion model. This is what the China Merchants Office has always emphasized. Our aim is to let our domestic wall sconce brands go out. The relevant person in charge of the China Merchants Office said that enterprises are based in Hungary. The difference between OEM and OEM in Europe and direct branding; second, the difference between market size and overall effect; third, the difference between buying and selling loose cooperation and alliance-based binding. The essential difference between China's shopping malls and import and export companies is that import and export companies or agents, in order to maximize profits, will use the order advantage of the hands to bid for different manufacturers, and hope that the purchase price is the lowest and the sales price is the highest. Import and export companies only trade, while the mall introduces the company to the end users, mainly providing channel services. It is the appeal of the mall to find customers and orders for the participating manufacturers. The Dallas City Merchants Group went to Shanghai Huigao Precision Electronics to inspect the LED dining table chandelier source to cooperate with the Oriental European Lights to start the investment opportunities for the whole country or the chicken ribs? Government of the wall sconce industry, 10 questions, Shenzhen LED International Purchasing Center, investment results, gratification, international new product area, fine lighting, corridor, investment, completion of high-level officials in Dongguan, investment activities, or the introduction of LED leading enterprises, Wuning energy-saving table lamp industry, attracting new investment in corporate investment Fujian Putian LED chip manufacturing project foreign investment promotion publicity anniversary and so on into lighting store keywords Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone to Taiwan LED and solar energy enterprise investment

In line with the attitude of being responsible for the company, the commitments made by the China Merchants Office will be realized one by one, and will increase the intensity of the promotion, and will tie the interests of the mall and the interests of the company together. The relevant person in charge said that the comprehensive In terms of the project, the project is led by the government to protect the company, to support the Chinese enterprises to go out of the international market, and to ensure that the basic interests of the company are prerequisites. Secondly, the mall directly participates in management, and the interests are closely connected with the enterprise; the mall management organization team has considerable experience in international business operations, and the operation system is systematically planned, and the operability of each link is considered to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Operation, win-win reciprocity, of course, the success of the project is inseparable from the sincere cooperation of the company. The wall sconce industry is moving at a rapid pace.
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