How to wire all copper courtyard lights?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
The all-copper courtyard lamp is an essential lamp for the villa. It plays the role of a soldier and guards the family conscientiously, whether it is exposed to the wind or the rain. However, the installation method of all-copper courtyard lamps is different from that of ordinary lamps. Let's talk about how to wire all-copper courtyard lamps. The upright posts and lamps of all-copper courtyard lamps can be close to the exposed conductor. The connection with PEN wire should be reliable. The grounding wire should be set up with a single trunk line. The trunk line should be arranged along the courtyard lamps to form a ring network, the grounding trunk line shall be not less than 2 places connected with the grounding device lead-out trunk line. The grounding main line leads to the branch line and connects with the metal lamp post and the grounding terminal of the lamp, and is marked. The grounding branch line of all-copper courtyard lamps cannot be connected in series with lamps to prevent the displacement or replacement of individual all-copper courtyard lamps from losing the grounding protection effect of other lamps. After the installation of the electrified test run lamps is completed and the insulation test is qualified, the electrified test run is allowed. Check and patrol carefully after power-on, and check whether the control of lamps is flexible and accurate; Whether the switch corresponds to the control sequence of lamps and lanterns. Once problems are found, power should be cut off immediately to find out the cause and repair it.
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