How to shape the value of all copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
When choosing to buy all-copper lamps, many customers will have such questions: Why did the same lamp store buy 1600, the mall bought 1300, and Taobao bought 800, some people say that this is a quality problem, some people say that this is a brand benefit, and some people say that this is because the production process of all-copper lamps is different. Of course, these are undeniable. In the oversupply market of lamps, snooker All-copper lamp has entered the era of shaping product value from the era of product production. First, quantitative value, how to shape the value of the product, which has become a problem for many people selling all copper lamps. In addition to explaining the simple manufacturing process of all-copper lamps to customers to let them know the selling points of solder lamps, what is more important is that we should clearly explore the intention behind the purchase of customers, if the solder lamp purchased by the customer is to be used in the project, then the customer will definitely care more about the quality and price of the lamp. If the Villa home decoration Customer First cares about the style matching, quality preservation time, etc, in fact, when customers buy things, they are also buying a feeling. If the value of the products you give customers cannot be quantified, it is difficult for customers to believe your products, the decoration pictures are more practical than the empty talk. The psychological value and the satisfaction of the customer's inner needs are the great values that the customer thinks. Second, the use of product technology to shape the value of the product, why is the copper lamp more expensive than ordinary lamps? On the one hand, it lies in various technical processes used in the production of solder lamps. Take simple welding technology as an example. This seemingly small welding technology cannot be completed by all people, in the previous article, the author has also introduced the manufacturing process of all-copper lamps. Moreover, in order to ensure the exquisiteness and durability of all copper lamps, manual production has always been adhered to in the production project. There is no doubt that all sellers are doing the same thing, that is, proving that their products are worth the money. In the sales Project, in fact, it is to let customers know that the value of the product is far greater than the price of the product itself.
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