how to replace light switch plates

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-13
One of the easiest home upgrades you can do on your own is to replace the light switch board.
In fact, it\'s such a simple, direct job that you can delegate responsibility to your teens!
Not only is this a perfect \"DIY\" project, it\'s also an affordable way to instantly refresh your home!
Continue to read and learn the steps to choose and install the new electric light switch board yourself!
Choose the design when replacing the light switch board, the first step is to decide the style.
If you are satisfied with the style of the existing plates, but they are old and dull, you can choose to replace them with the same style.
If you want to change it, consider adopting a more unique design of the light switch board.
In the local home improvement store, you will find a wide variety of light switch boards available in size, shape, color, texture and design.
You can pick some metal that imitates wood or looks smooth.
Whatever style you choose, be sure to consider the decor of your house when it changes from room to room.
When selecting the light switch board, \"subtle but perceptible\" is a good rule of thumb;
Unless you install some in your child\'s room, you can have a lot of creative fun in this case!
When buying a light switch board, it is expected to cost $0.
Depending on the style you choose, $79 to $12 or more.
Also keep in mind that you have to calculate how much you need before you go to the store to buy!
The biggest benefit that you need to install the light switch board yourself is that all you need is the product and the screwdriver.
While it does help to have some extra light switch board screws on hand in case you drop a screw on the floor vent or lose some on the carpet.
There should be new screws on your new electric light switch board, so just ask a shop attendant where you can find the extra screws and they will point you in the right direction.
How to get started, remove the existing light switch board using your screwdriver.
You may do a good job with any standard screwdriver, but the Phillips head is usually the most suitable one.
Take a look at the screws that come with your new plate to be sure.
No need to be a heavy screwdriver;
A small, simple toolbox screwdriver should do a good job.
Electric drills are not recommended as this may damage the surface of the light switch board or the wall.
Once you unscrew the plate, wipe any remaining dry wall dust that may have been lumps around the seam.
Then arrange your new electric light switch board directly on the opening.
Make sure it is the right plate type;
There are single, double, three, four and other types of light switch boards in your home.
You can also use the same process for sockets and phone extension boards.
When you pull the new plate against the wall, arrange the screws on the top with your free hand.
Then screw the two screws on the top, and the two screws on the back are also screwed in.
If your plate is a bit bent, try to gently convince it one side or the other.
If it still bends, please take out the plate and try again and focus on aligning it.
Once you put all the screws in, you should have done it all!
The rest is to clean up your mess!
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