How to match the floor lamp in the living room to be distinctive?

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-22
In interior design, white light is a flexible element, which can become a catalyst for space atmosphere and a finishing touch. And the floor lamp, which has the functions of local supplementary lighting and decorative embellishment, is the most popular lamp nowadays. No matter if your living room is in a warm and natural simple style or a rugged retro industrial style, a chic floor lamp can make the light and shadow pattern of the space richer and more balanced. The iron bracket is matched with the cylindrical lampshade. The cool feeling and the warm feeling complement each other. The classic black and white match does not violate the simple beige of the living room. The silver gray bracket and the hemp gray sofa and the gray pinstripe carpet echo each other. Tiancheng, quiet and pure. Adjustable bracket, more functional, unique conical lampshade shape, highlighting the owner's taste; soft and warm care projected by the curved floor lamp, this is the meaning of home. Graceful and simple, harmonious and low-key, occasionally nestled When reading on the sofa, it is a close companion. The iron triangle floor lamp, brown lampshade and brown bracket, the overall sense of balance is very strong. The milky white floor lamp is simple and refreshing, small and exquisite, and the lampshade is unique. The whole body is simple and bright, and it is in harmony with the surrounding white walls. The geometric pattern lampshade, the stripes of the sofa and the wavy dots of the carpet form an evocative combination. The wood-colored bracket is matched with a black lampshade, and it is placed next to the light gray sofa, which is rich in layers. The copper-yellow metal bracket and the slender cylindrical lampshade create a strong industrial style and contribute to the luxurious atmosphere of the space. The five light sources are like blooming flowers, elegant and beautiful. The brackets of geometric lines support three different directions of light sources, which echo the ceiling chandelier, and are extremely functional. The classic black and white color scheme can be well combined with the main color white of the space. The soft-textured carpet is matched with wood-colored furniture, which is simple and comfortable. The vibrant green plants, light green walls and light green pillows are fresh and natural. The grassy green lampshade makes this simple space full of pastoral appeal add a retro and elegant feeling.
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