How to Light a Glass Block Wall With LEDs

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-08
A lit, glass-This is an impressive landscape.Because the block is completely transparent on all sides, the LED ribbon light can be installed between the blocks to illuminate each line.In order to keep the ribbon protection between blocks and ensure that blocks can be removed to change the ribbon for any reason, use the rail system between them to install the block.The track system encircles all sides of each block, allowing you to place lights along them, and pull the block down later if needed.Measure the perimeter of the area to which the block is to be installed.Add 1 inch in each direction of the installation, as the track system will add 1 inch blocks.Mark the area with a pencil to specify where to place the block.Install each screw track on the vertical side.From the bottom of the installation, run the track to the top of each side.Before placing the silicone on the wall, apply a silicone bead on the flat side of each track and screw into the track.Use a level to make sure they are straight.Install the horizontal track at the bottom of the installation.Apply transparent silicone at the bottom of the track and press between the two side tracks at the bottom.Screw it down.If you choose to install an LED ribbon along the bottom of the block, lay a ribbon along the center channel of the track.There are three channels for the track;Do not place the ribbon in any of the side channels as they will be filled with silicone.Fill the side channel on the bottom track with silicone.Fill in about six side channels on a vertical trackUse silicone a few inches from the bottom.Press the first block of glass onto a side track on the bottom track.Use a tool knife to cut the vertical track to the height of the block.Place the silicone in its side channel and press it on the side of the mounting block.Install another block on the other side of the short vertical channel.Continue to alternate tracks and blocks until you reach the end of the first line.Pull the LED ribbon on the vertical track at the end of the first line.Put it aside.It should run the entire length of the first line of glass blocks and a block up along one side.Apply silicone on the top of the first line of glass blocks and set the second horizontal track.Power the LED ribbon light along the central channel of this track.Apply silicone on the side channel and install another row of glass blocks and vertical tracks between them.Continue to fill the LED ribbon on the horizontal line of the glass block.Take one block at a time, alternating on both sides.When you get to the end of a ribbon, put it aside so you can wire it on the controller or on the light switch.If possible, keep all the functioning of the ribbon and send out one side of the block.Or, for smaller installations, use a continuous ribbon.Complete the installation of the glass block by placing the final track horizontally on the finished glass block.Let the Silicone dry for 24 hours.
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