How to Install a Ceiling Light That Has Two Bulbs

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-08
A ceiling light with two or more bulbs not only provides more light than a single bulbThe bulbs are fixed, but they are also often decorated and gorgeous.Whether the new fixture is flush with the ceiling or the suspended fixture, you can install the ceiling light with two bulbs onto a junction box, so that all the bulbs in the new fixture are controlled by the same switch.In many cases, you can even connect the new fixture to the dimmer switch to control the amount of light provided by the fixture.Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the electric light.Remove the board covering the light switch and lean the tip of the non-contact electrical tester against the wire on the side of the switch.The circuit still has power if the test light is on.Turn off other circuit breakers or main circuit breakers and test again until the tester shows that the power is off.Replace the switch board.Place a ladder under the lamp.Remove the globe and bulb of the current fixture, then release the mounting screws and remove the fixture.Remove the wire nut connecting the fixture wiring and put the fixture on one side.Loosen the mounting screws that secure the junction box to the ceiling pallet or dry wall and pull the junction box out of the hole in the ceiling.Insert the ceiling fan bracket into the hole in the ceiling and place the bracket perpendicular to the adjacent support beam, and the arm of the bracket is centered in the junction box hole.Rotate the arm of the support by hand to tighten the support between the support beams, and then tighten it further with an adjustable wrench.Place the mounting clip on the bracket and insert the cable through the wire clip that matches the junction box.Align the box with the mounting bolts of the clip and tighten the nut to secure the junction box on the bracket.Install the mounting bracket of the new fixture onto the junction box using the supplied screws.Then follow the instructions attached to the lamp kit to hang the fixture on the mounting bracket.Connect the black line on the junction box to all the black lines on the fixture with the wire nut.Connect all the white wires in a similar way.Connect the bare wire on the junction box to the green ground screw on the mounting bracket, or connect the bare wire to the green wire on the fixture with the wire nut.Follow the installation instructions of the lamp, lift the canopy or cover on the junction box and tighten the cover in place.Install the bulb on the socket, and then mount the globe or diffuser on the lamp (if any ).Turn on the circuit breaker and test the light.
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