How to choose the right lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-22
Whether it is a bedroom or a study room, a household appliance, such as a lamp, is needed. Especially choose a beautiful table lamp, it can also add a different atmosphere to the room space. But now there are all kinds of lights on the market. How to choose which lamp is more suitable? How to choose a table lamp: a. Power and luminous flux: It is usually recommended to choose a table lamp with a power above 16 watts, and the luminous flux should be greater than 1200lm, because it is more comfortable to use. However, good products will meet the standard in this respect, but some counterfeit and inferior products will be replaced by phosphors, which will greatly increase the power and cause certain damage to the user's eyes. b. Color temperature: At present, the color temperature of the light source is mainly divided into three levels: high, medium and low. Different levels have different color temperatures. A higher color temperature will be white, while a medium color temperature will be soft light, and a lower color temperature will be relatively yellow. After a comprehensive comparison, I believe you should know which one is more suitable. C. Color rendering: how to choose a table lamp? At the time of purchase, we can also take a color photo under the light source of the desk lamp, and then compare it with normal natural light, and then see the difference between the two. If the deviation is small, it means that the color rendering of the table lamp is better, so the quality of the table lamp is also better. d. Lampshade: The lampshade is also an important part of the table lamp, which directly affects our use. It is usually recommended to choose a shallower depth to make the light scattering area larger. If there are small holes or gaps on the top, it will be better, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the lamp. This is about how to choose table lamps and common table lamp styles. Hope to help you choose. Faced with all kinds of table lamp styles, it is indeed a bit dazzling. Therefore, if you have not thought about which style to buy in advance, it is difficult to choose the right table lamp.
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