How to choose outdoor wall lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-10
The choice of outdoor wall lamps is related to whether the ideal lighting effect can be achieved, so as to master the lighting brightness of the whole space. Different customers have different requirements for outdoor lighting lamps and need specific analysis. Let's talk about how to choose outdoor wall lamps. Many people will think that the lamps installed outside can not be so particular about the external shape. In fact, it is not the case. The shape selection of outdoor wall lamps is also very important. In addition to the lighting effect at night, to be eye-catching, the role of the day is also important. Therefore, it is more important to select the shape of outdoor wall lamps. Outdoor lighting lamps with poor shape have a great impact on the daytime appearance of buildings and landscapes. There is usually a need to see light but not see lights in lighting, try not to damage the role of buildings and landscapes themselves in the daytime, but at night they can show another appearance of buildings or landscapes. In particular, some Villa decoration has strict requirements on the appearance of lamps and lanterns. It requires not only strict lighting requirements, but also matching with decoration style and good-looking style. The safety of outdoor wall lamps includes the safety of lamps themselves and the safety of people and other objects after installation. Because after the installation of lamps and lanterns, the wires will age with the use of too long, so the all-copper wall lamp outside the painting itself is charged to endanger the safety of other objects and so on.
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