How to choose and buy crystal chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-21
Zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturers suggest when crystal droplight of choose and buy, in addition to choose the right size, shape, etc. , finally, in a few key points for technical inspection. European style crystal droplight 1, check to see if the number of crystal pendant enough, whether the position of each ring is equipped with pendant. 2, check the status of the crystal pendant are in good condition, whether transparent luster, can reflect light. 3, if the lack of parts, or droplight is dirty, should ask professional maintenance division evaluate maintenance cleaning fee, so you can request a discount on the original price. 4, zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturers suggest see if copper stent rust over the years. If rust, also want to do to rust, polishing repair. 5, check the wires are in good condition. The earliest droplight wire is made of cotton package, may now have been damaged or leakage, so must be careful, this change will change in time. This article from: lighting lighting co. , LTD. Relevant search: zhongshan crystal chandelier manufacturer manufacturers zhongshan lighting factory | | | crystal droplight lighting co. , LTD
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