how to brighten up your sad kitchen lighting, according to interior designers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-06
In most families, the kitchen is not only where you cook, but also where you eat, read newspapers in the morning and hang out --
Different types of light are required for each different task.
So even when you prepare ingredients at the counter or cook on the stove, it\'s good to have bright lights when you\'re dining or entertaining friends and family, the same lighting will make people feel fancy.
\"The modern kitchen needs to be able to change the level of light between efficient working space and romantic nutritious places,\" co.
The founders and principals of AtRoman and Williams, this requires a little creative thinking and intelligent design.
To help find a balance between beautiful kitchen lighting and practical kitchen fixtures, we invited four interior and lighting designers to share their favorite kitchen lighting ideas
Dense to the simplest.
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