How Many Inches Should a Pendant Light Hang Above a Bar?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-30
Once you have selected a chandelier or light hanging above the bar, it may be a bit confusing to determine the ideal hanging height of the lighting at the beginning.In general, there is 30 to 40 inch air space between the counter and the bottom of the pendant, while providing plenty of light, there is enough space to avoid hitting the light.The ideal distance for your specific settings may vary depending on the height of guests who use a bar, seat or stand.The perfect height of the chandelier depends on the height of the person using the bar space.If the guest sits at the bar on the bar stool, please note whether the stool will change the overall height of the guest and adjust the hanging lights up or down as needed.The 3 feet space between the bar surface and the bottom of the pendant provides guests sitting and standing in many cases with unobstructed views.If most of the bar users in your home are very high, you may want to raise the height of the lights by a few inches.Similarly, if the bar is primarily used by children who do homework, reducing the pendant by a few inches will give more insight into their project.
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