How Far Apart Should Chandeliers Be Hung Above an Island?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-31
The chandelier provides general lighting and is a prominent design element in the kitchen.They have many styles from modern to transitional and traditional.They are usually hung on tables, islands, or passes --By providing additional task lighting for diet and food preparation while increasing the visual interest in the kitchen.Often, if multiple fixtures are required on an island, the chandelier is a better option, a simple hanging ceiling light.The length of the kitchen island usually requires multiple chandeliers or chandeliers to be hung for proper lighting.Although the recommended height is 28-to-34 inch from the island and 72 inch from the ground, it takes more work and a little math to determine the distance between lights.For example, suppose the island is 60 inch long and there are three fixtures to hang.Hang the center light at the midpoint.Or at 30 inch, then 20 inch is measured on both sides, and the other two are hung, leaving 10 inch between the external light and the edge.
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