How does the lighting industry adhere to the 'I' spirit and eliminate the phenomenon of follow-up

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-23


 The independent innovation of the lighting industry is often a piece of paper, plagiarism is very good, many business owners often change their product positioning in a few years, the span is very large. In product design, almost all of them are cloned with reference to other well-known brands or market-selling brand products. There is no innovation in independent innovation and product design. The lighting industry should have more of the spirit of the self, not to follow the trend, only to create a soul and meaning of the main works to occupy the main position of the market.

 The so-called self, is to do what they are good at, to ensure that their product positioning and structure does not deviate from the established track in a professional and dedicated spirit, so that their product development and design is always at the forefront. The replacement of lighting products is more reflected in the design, of course, including the application of new technology and new materials, but in general, the appearance design is the source of innovation and development of lighting products. In fact, for the entrepreneurs of some lighting companies, they do not lack the concept of entrepreneurial development, but they have spent a lot of energy to develop a series of new products, which may be pirated by other companies overnight. . It took a lot of time, energy, and financial resources to develop a new style that was easily stolen by others. It was really a very depressing thing. When such things happen, they are too lazy to spend too much on development design. The mind, anyway, the world has a lot of things to copy, there are me in the enemy, I have enemies, everyone is to save trouble and save development and design costs, so it has contributed to the plagiarism of the wall sconce industry.

 How does the lighting industry adhere to the self-discipline and eliminate the phenomenon of follow-up

 Many times, I lose the subjective will of who I am not. Maybe there is a tendency of the big environment, perhaps because of its inertia. Then there are too many inertia factors, so many companies have been over-stained to varying degrees. Doctrine, less fundamental. There is nothing wrong with the use of the faction, but it is lightly taken and not digested, and it is swallowed hard. In fact, we can jump out and look at some problems. There is nothing wrong with adopting the doctrine. Some companies that are good at bringing in the company have made great progress in the industry. What he calls is mainly for the popular lighting products of foreign top lighting companies. Rather than limiting the horizon to plagiarism between domestic counterparts.

 Different from the point of view, you can naturally grab the first opportunity. When the products are hot in the market, the followers may steal their versions, but their ancestors have already earned a full set of enthusiasm, and the followers also have a function. Ding somebody's gums. In the war, the self-centered self-ism is often reflected in the lack of understanding of the opponent's tactics and tactics. Since we can't know ourselves and know each other, then it is decided to rely on me to cope, and the narrow road meets the brave.
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